Our history, our know-how

Created in 2004, the agency assists its clients and partners in the engineering sector with project development both in France and internationally. Our workforce is made up of men and women - architects, engineers, assistants - from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds and our aim is to design solutions that meet the constantly shifting environmental and regulatory challenges of today's world.

With a long history of specialising in the industrial sector, the agency has continued developing this specific area of expertise while also expanding into commercial buildings, public amenities and interior design in France and internationally.

AFA Architectes performs a broad array of construction assignments: preliminary studies, assistance to the Owner, design services and construction supervision, and project management.

The agency works on a regular basis with major engineering firms, setting up project teams in shared premises. The resulting design partnership between architects and engineers has been developed and honed from the functional and economic standpoints, and the projects completed provide ample illustrations of its efficiency, professionalism and pertinence.